Here's what some previous clients have said about me:

“Gareth’s coaching style is very effective – it switches according to context.  I was consistently challenged – in terms of my assumptions and viewpoints.  I found this to be particularly helpful.  My own assumptions have been built up over time and it is good to be made to take a fresh view on them.” – RW

“Gareth, thanks so much for helping me make some good decisions and for supporting me as I made them.  I would certainly recommend the approach and really enjoyed working with you.” - KT

“When I started my coaching six months ago, I had very confused ideas and my life was at a crossroads. Now, after 6 months of coaching, I have a clarity in my mind that I have never had before. Some discussions have been positively life changing. I am confident in my personal and work life and I have built up discipline in myself. I am now able to apply some of these coaching methods in my everyday life with positive outcomes. This has been a very valuable experience for me that I would recommend to anyone.” – JT

“Gareth’s coaching style has been extremely effective. His approach shows great interest in the subject being discussed whatever it may be and he has a powerful way of visualising perspectives. This made me engage better, be open and honest about my issues and most of all made the process feel very comfortable.” - AN

“Gareth’s style was to understand my culture, motivations and values. I felt you had a facilitator role. He has the ability to make you search deeper resulting in prolonged sessions even when I had left the office. He’s not afraid to push boundaries and in doing so, make you explore different ways of thinking, understanding and expressing views.” – NED

“Initially, I undertook coaching to try and build confidence in running my fledgling business, as well as helping to make a life after moving back to the UK. I found much, much more. It has bought my partner and I much closer together, made new friendships, grown my business, and I’ve renovated a house. Thank you for the challenges, support and advice - all given with compassion, intuition and great humour. I would recommend Gareth to anyone who's started a sentence with 'Wouldn't it be great if I could.” – BB

“Gareth is an insightful coach who provides his clients with a safe place to explore what’s possible for them and is committed to his clients leading a fulfilled life.” – SID