About MyKite

My professional life has been (and still is!) in the law. I’m a solicitor, having qualified with a medium-sized firm in London. Most of my working life has been as an in-house lawyer in the IT, transport and services industries. I worked for several years as Head of Legal for UK&I at Hewlett-Packard and then as Director of Legal & Compliance at Transport for London. Recently I have taken up the role of UK&I General Counsel and Company Secretary at Sodexo. I have managed, coached and led lawyers in various jurisdictions worldwide and understand and empathise with the pressures facing legal professionals today. As such, I’m in a unique position to provide valuable assistance to fellow professionals through coaching.

How did I discover coaching? I was at a crossroads, wanting to explore and discover new skills and was lucky enough to find an inspirational coach who really helped me bring different perspectives to elements of my life. I trained with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI)  where I qualified me as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). I have also fulfilled the requirements of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I have hundreds of hours of coaching experience working with individuals from all backgrounds.

Why choose MyKite Coaching?

The free sample session helps you decide whether it’s right for you. Here's what I can offer:

•    A confidential space where you can download, get creative and take action
•    An effective listener who really understands the pressures faced by professionals
•    Empathy and compassion with the courage to tell the hard truths
•    Inspiration and support towards action
•    A track record as a successful coach
•    A sense of fun

If you’re committed to bringing about real change in your life, then contact me to arrange a sample session.