About Coaching

    Whether professional or personal, people come to coaching for many different reasons but at its heart, coaching is about working with another person to create    fulfillment in life. Here are some of the key elements in a successful coaching relationship:

    •    Challenging and accountable
    •    Safe, honest and creative
    •    100% confidential
    •    Commitment  

  Everything in service of the client

    •    Become more satisfied and effective at work
    •    Achieve those life goals that you thought were out of reach
    •    Create a more balanaced and fulfilling life
    •    Experience self-discovery 

Coaching is not the same as consultancy, counselling or training (although they share similar skills and techniques). If you are interested in finding out whether coaching is right for you, the best way is to set up a free sample session to experience what coaching is like in practice. This gives you the chance to receive coaching on a real topic of your choice, ask questions and assess whether you want to continue (no obligation). Sessions can be in person or by phone.

The next stage would be to have a “discovery session” during which I would find out more about you (your values and goals) and the specific areas that you would like to explore. We would also agree some parameters for the coaching – expectations, commitments and how you would like us to work together. Typically, clients sign up for 3 months and receive 2 hours of coaching per month – this could be two 1 hour sessions every fortnight, or three 40 minute sessions over the month, whichever suits your schedule. At the end of the 3 month period we assess the development acheived and discuss next steps.

I appreciate that coaching is a significant investment. Here are some observations from clients that I have coached.